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Redesign of beer labels for Opillya Brewery

The Ternopil brewery Opillya has been brewing live fermentation beer using the classic Viennese technology since 1851.
The strategy is based on the idea of ​​reviving the production of "living beer" according to ancient traditions, the use of high-quality environmentally friendly natural raw materials and implementing the principles of European quality, which is based on respect for consumer health.
The modern production capacities of the enterprise multiplied by the brewing experience give us the line "Beer of Opillia", which consists of seven flavors: Classic ”and“ Wheat Opil ”.

Maintaining the good traditions of the brand, we have updated the design of beer labels, made them more modern and preserved the recognizable image of the product for the consumer.
We decided to emphasize the lively taste and amber color of the beer with a metallic gloss label. The coat of arms of the brewery, which is inherent in the whole line, became legible without losing its recognizability. The label has acquired a more sophisticated orderly form. The updated label design emphasizes the benefits of the brand, the main of which is the naturalness and quality of the product.

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