Packing Design

L-Lysine packaging design development

Rebranding of L-LYSINE ESCINATE packaging, preservation of brand recognition, use of corporate color and letter "L". Arterium Corporation approached us with this task, expecting to receive a concise, durable and at the same time modern packaging design, because "L-lysine escinate" is an original drug for the treatment of traumatic brain injury and stroke.

For better recognition, we decided to abandon the serif font, and prefer a more modern and consistent style of text, the letter "L" is placed in a branded square on the front of the package, emphasizing the brand. The layout of the list of the main active components is realized in the form of the list aligned on the left side, the hologram and a logo of corporation are mirrored to it.
The result of the work performed is a modern and restrained packaging design, which favorably distinguishes the product from competitors and emphasizes the high efficiency and safety of the drug.

L-LYSINE ESCINATE - first aid in the prevention and treatment of edematous pain and traumatic brain injury and stroke.

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