We create a recognizable brand, which is an important step in building a unified system of visual communication of the brand with the consumer


  • Filling the brief by the customer

    The first stage is to create, with the participation of the customer, the most detailed technical task, as well as to determine the features and nature of the project.
  • Competitive field analysis

    Detailed analysis of existing trends in domestic and foreign markets in order to identify possible ways to differentiate the logo.
  • Creating a concept

    The design of the logo must be unique, so in each case, requires fundamentally different approaches and skills.
  • Vision presentation

    We usually offer several solutions and show, in addition to the logo, a general visual idea of what it may look like in "life".
  • Choice of concept and refinement

    After discussing the concepts, there may be minor refinements to the chosen logo. Although, for the most part, you already get a well-thought-out and informed decision,
  • Preparation of final files

    The final stage is the preparation of all necessary materials, both for printing and for use in the web environment. Now your brand can safely show itself to the world.

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