First, what are the jokers, if they want to know about the brand. Meta creation of the site is the formation of a solid image of the brand, which will be original for its splendid look, unique for its inner streak, and also functional and brown for the skin of the client.


  • Designated by site type

    On the very cob it is necessary to check which site you need. It will be a simple landing, an image site or an online store that conveys the possibility of a proposal.
  • Brief and technical task

    We discuss the project with the deputy, so that we can clearly understand the task, explain the process and any nuances we can find out. Evaluate the lines and the varity of the project.
  • Preparation of materials

    One of the most important parts of the work is the selection and preparation of materials - it also pours into the lines that quality of vikonnannya. The deputy gives materials, yak, for consumption, we edit.
  • Website design concept

    After reviewing all the materials from the background, we move on to the creation of the concept of the site design, as it sounds presentable on the butt of the main and decals of the inner sides.
  • Design, layout and programming

    If the concept is good, we create the design of the necessary sides, programming. We vrakhovuyemo adaptability, which allows you to properly implement your site on any kind of extension.
  • Website placement

    The test version is distributed on the time server. After the analysis and all the necessary additions, we transfer the site to the previous hosting with the right domain names.
  • Filled with content

    Call the site by connecting the content management system, so the manager can independently change, edit and fill the site with the necessary information.
  • Support and changes made

    At the time of consumption, we create new sides and expand additional functional elements, as well as be-yak-yaké іnshe іnshe іnshіdne napovnennya for your site.

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