Packaging design

One of the most important marketing tools for promotion, which makes the design of the goods more attractive, the greater the drink of the wines.


  • Filling the brief by the deputy

    The first stage, which is involved in the creation, for the participation of the deputy, the most detailed technical task, as well as the designation of features and the nature of the project.
  • Analysis of the product and the competitive field

    Let's take a closer look at the pre-formed preforms and conduct a detailed analysis of the key trends in the market in order to know a wider range of solutions.
  • Concept development

    How can your packaging be – simple, bright, thinned, with illustration or without? We propose a dekilka of concepts, which may have a different character and style of solution.
  • Suitable for design

    The concept of expanding, adapting to real minds, gaining more detail has been developed over the years. On the basis of given information, a "working" layout is created.
  • Extension to the entire product line

    After the final weather, other positions are created for the design. The integrity of the brand and the ease of differentiation between the middle assortment with the appearance of the key factors
  • Organization and conduction of the loan

    As soon as the concept was adopted for the design of the packaging, the creation of original food styles was taken over, then a photo session was organized and carried out with a further post-production and retouching of the image.
  • Preparing for a friend

    After all the previous stages, the preparation of mock-ups for others is carried out. Carrying out a trial run to check on the correct color rendering, contrast and readability of the elements
  • Adaptation to other types of packaging

    According to the needs, we can adapt the design, repair technical nuances, and prepare the original layout for transfer to the doctor's office.

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