Sometimes a brand loses customers and stops growing, lags behind in development, or does not offer consumers anything new and fresh - it's time to update. Changing the appearance of a brand is a natural and logical reflection of internal changes in order to update it in response to changes in the market, the environment, consumer preferences and the activity of competitors.


  • Defining goals and objectives

    The first stage is to create, with the participation of the customer, the most detailed technical task, as well as to determine the features and nature of the project.
  • Analysis of the existing brand

    An audit of an existing brand or product, the purpose of which is to identify the reasons for the loss of relevance of the consumer and determine the depth of change that he must undergo.
  • Update concept development

    At this stage, the main components of the brand identity are being reconstructed. Creating a new positioning, logo, corporate identity, changing brand communication.
  • Vision presentation

    Forming a presentation and discussion with the customer of the proposed concepts. Coordination and refinement of details of the chosen direction.
  • Finalization of the selected concept

    Materialization of a new rebranding concept, which involves the design of the necessary corporate identity and brand book with a clear guide to their use.
  • Preparation of final files

    We prepare and transfer all the necessary materials together with the rules of use so that your brand or product can start a new life as soon as possible.

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